About Famous Doughnuts

Famous doughnuts Inc was founded by Teddy Roehm in 1938 on East Ferry Street in Buffalo, New York. The inspiration was to make and serve a product that would never become dated in flavor or quality.

It had to be something simple, something that would stand the test of time, and something that everyone could afford—Doughnuts! Teddy realized that there was not a family out there who didn’t light up at the sight of a box of fresh donuts in the morning. What better way to bring together a group of old friends for a late afternoon snack? And so the idea was born, and 75 years later, Teddy was right: Doughnuts are a timeless favorite!

Today, Teddy’s son, Richard Roehm has taken over the family business together with his wife, Pamela Roehm. They have been running the business together for over 30 years!

“It’s what I grew up doing. . . . When it came time to take over the business, it just made sense. I love that I have opportunity to make people smile with such a delicious treat!”

- Richard Roehm

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