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My Favorite Doughnut in the World!!!
Famous Doughnuts is so good that I call them 2 weeks before I arrive in Buffalo. Richard (the proprietor) is always so gracious, accommodating and funny!! I travel a lot & have had a lot (some might say too many) donuts and I'm comfortable saying Famous Doughnuts are THE BEST!! The blueberry cake donut is my favorite with their jelly filled being a close second. They're full of flavor, moist, soft and yummy!! There is nothing like a Famous glazed donut fresh off the line! They're perfect - not overly sweet - just right!! There are so many great places to eat in the Buffalo area - but do yourself a favor & stop by Famous Doughnuts for a dozen...or 3! You'll be happy you did!!!
From Nachotown, East Rochester, NY

In the past, I used to do my doughnut shopping at Tim Horton’s or Dunkin Donuts. While those places are good, Famous doughnuts on main near Hertel is heads and shoulders above the rest. It is equal in price to a dozen doughnuts from their competition, but i love this place because it is an old school bakery. . .  I can confidently say that Famous Doughnuts are the best I’ve ever had.
From  Felicia Adams, Buffalo NY

Friends and I get doughnuts from here every other week and they are WONDERFUL!
From Darrin B., Buffalo NY

One of my favorite stops on the way into work a couple times a week. FRIENDLY service from the man behind the counter! Usually go for a bavarian creme (?long john?), but have tried others and have been very satisfied. It's also a favorite stop-over for Bennett High School kids weekdays, so plan at least a few minutes in line while they "decide" what they want. $1.60 for breakfast (2 donuts). Not bad! Cash only, too...unless you have a $5.00 minimum purchase.
From Natalia L., Coto De Caza, CA

Perfect, flavorful, moist, fresh doughnuts! I travel far, passing lots of doughnut shops just to have Famous Doughnuts! Try the Blueberry and and the jelly filled with white frosting. They're always baking & sell fast - just ask if they have more in the back.
From Joyce A. in Buffalo

“I love this place....
I was craving their donuts before going work and I decided to stop by after some time off because it became an addiction. I always get the Cinnamon roll ones, it is just as good as it gets. Its glazeddd with cinnamon on the inside, the cinnamon is not strong at all. The donut is real soft, moist and nice ahhh is your mouth watery for it....
The service is real good, cashiers are really welcoming and approach customers with a smile. Hands down one of the best places to get donuts, especially for me, its fresh all the time. It's affordable and there many other choices to pick from, but I always go for the cinnamon roll one. I can buy a dozen and have it all by myself.”
From Soixante17, Laguna Beach, CA